Our role

Design & Frontend


The no-nonsense approach of Less or More is much appreciated. We have been working together for over 4 years on multiple projects, in which they always adapt to the given context.
Max Boodie - Founder of Banenruil

Improving quality of life by reducing commuting

It happens every day. People with the same profession cross each other midway their commute, whilst both traveling to the home area of the other one. This provides the opportunity to reduce traffic, emissions, sick-days, employer-costs and most importantly: improve the quality of life. Simply by swapping jobs. This is what the Banenruil platform facilitates.

Less or More developed the first prototypes and co-designed and realised the front-end of the final platform. Charmed by the concept, we were intensively involved with the project and also joined in presenting the concept and its impact to large national organisations.