Our role

UI / UX development



We chose Less or More as our partner because of their flexibility and no-nonsense work-ethic. For us as a start-up this was crucial in the initial phase. It ended up being the right choice; Less or More is the partner we can trust and really delivers what they promise.
Jasper Vet - Founder of Outdoyo

Outdoor experiences in a click

Find and book outdoor sports and activities. That’s Outdoyo in a nutshell. Not the first, but the only platform which curates its high quality content and background. The platform guides its outdoor enthusiasts through the process of finding and booking the perfect outdoor experience.

We are proud to be responsible for the overall outcome of the look and feel of outdoyo.com. Together with founders Jasper Vet and Vincent Aussems, we’ve created the site’s total branding and design. From the first Customer journey sketches towards a mature interaction design. Through strong collaboration, we were able to deliver a result that both parties are proud of.


— Responsive booking

Customers of Outdoyo.com could arrange an adventure via phone, laptop or even tablet. While they would be standing on a mountain or heading towards work, booking their favourite adventure is never difficult. Well you will need internet of course…

Getting the right information

— Filter function

The filter function plays a significant role in the platform. Finding the perfect tour is where it all starts, this experience has to be as smooth as possible. Due to foreseen traffic by on-the-go users, we focussed on a strong filter function which would work for, not only desktop but also, phone and tablet. Therefor the filter section made it possible to search a specific event in their favour at any time and on any location.

Research is key

— User Experience

As always, we work from a wide spectrum towards a detailed end result. We’ve worked on personas, multiple customer journeys, a logo, the overall layout, wireframes, user interface design and pattern, responsive web design, and a lot of fine-tuning.

Workflow and Communication

— Design Process

By using tools like Invision, Outdoyo was continuously aware of the changes we’ve made and were well aware of the design process. After we fulfilled our duty, we handed over the total project to development partner Maykin Media. They made sure to develop the design into a functional website.