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Less or More is willing to move with our way of working. They provided valuable ideas from their creativity and technical expertise.
David Buitenweg - Researcher at Tilburg University

Digitalising questionnaires in the Mental Healthcare

To test the quality of life of patients in mental healthcare settings many questionnaires have been used. These questionnaires are taken in an offline setting and are highly standardized. Less or More joined the Tranzo Tilburg University research group to find the best way of digitalizing and personalizing these questionnaires.

In this project, Less or More was the connecting party between users (patients) and the researchers. In several brainstorms with both groups, Less or More helped to create the necessary requirements for the platform. The outcome is a co-created online questionnaire that can be used for several target groups in many different contexts. Less or More was responsible for both technical research, user experience design, UI design, and development.