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Philippe Rol - Co-founder of SUR+

Reducing food poverty and wastage

While 1/3 of all food in The Netherlands is wasted, only 0.3% of this food reaches Food Banks. Therefore, they can only help 7% of the 1.3 million people living below the poverty line. Even more pressing is the availability of fresh foods within food packages. This is often unavailable. On the other hand, much food is lost within the production phase. Farmers often do not have or know an easy way to donate surplus or odd-shaped food.

As part of the EU wide Future Internet program, Less or More and the SUR+ team designed, developed and tested 2 apps. An app for farmers to easily donate surplus food and an app for Food Banks to view, claim and collect these donations. The intelligent back-end connects donations and Food Banks based on volume and location. The produced donation data provides insights in surpluses and predicts future surplus. The project continues under a new name: The Odds.