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Healthcare tower

These guys have an open and clear way of communicating. They ask the right questions. This makes it easy for non-technical people to think along with the development of the concept.
Sandra Suijkerbuijk - Senior Programme Officer Innovation & Research

Telling stories in longterm care in a tangible and playful way

There is a lot to be said about the overall healthcare in the Netherlands. Vilans, centre of expertise for long-term care, was looking for an interactive way of showing the stories of their stakeholders, like patients and caretakers, at conferences and other healthcare gatherings. Together with Van Alles Wat Ontwerp we designed and developed the Zorgtoren (Healthcare tower). All the blocks in this Jenga-like tower contains a story that can be shown to the user by placing the block on the 'reader'.

Starting point

— Context

In long-term care many several stakeholders are involved. Vilans wanted to be able to tell the stories of these stakeholders on conferences, presentations and other healthcare gatherings in an interactive way.

Working together

— Process

Less or More worked closely together with Van Alles Wat Ontwerp and Vilans on this tangible storytelling tool. While Van Alles Wat Ontwerp focused on the hardware, Less or More was working on creating the offline webpages that are shown when one of the blocks in the tower was placed on the ‘story stone’. All designs were delivered by Vilans.

Project Highlights

— Highlights

It was a pleasure to work together with Vilans and Van Alles Wat Ontwerp to tell the stories of people involved with long-term healthcare in text, audio and video. Less or More likes to make the combination between tangible objects and digital environments.