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  • Jochem van Kapel
    Let's build a better future

    Jochem van Kapel

  • Tim Scholten
    Let’s take the user’s point of view

    Tim Scholten

  • Patrick Leijte
    Does it fit the planning?

    Patrick Leijte

  • Koen de Greef
    Did you clear the cache?

    Koen de Greef

  • Renée Franssen

    Renée Franssen

  • Johnny Nas
    It’s finished

    Johnny Nas

  • Xander Meijering
    It shouldn’t have to be this complex

    Xander Meijering

  • Ruud Crommentuijn
    Move it 1 pixel to the left

    Ruud Crommentuijn

  • Darren Rooijakkers

    Darren Rooijakkers

  • Hakim Midhat

    Hakim Midhat

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