UX Process

Our processes revolve around you and your users. We believe that collaboration is required in order to build the best online experience. We deliver a variety of services within the full process of digital innovation.



— Strategy

Everything starts with an idea. Giving that idea shape makes it into a concept. It becomes concrete with sketches, documentation, and research. Our goal is to have a concept that is easy to explain and fits the strategy of the company. Or we make the strategy fit the concept. The thing is, we think about context; the concept should fit that context.

UX Research

— Strategy

With UX research, or design research, we identify the users, the context we are working with, the needs and goals of our customer so we can identify a common ground from which to start the project. We achieve this using a variety of methods, including interviews, observations, and (existing) analysis. UX research is then used in further development of existing services, with A/B testing, tree tests or other commonly used methods.

UX Design

— Design

We deliver experiences. A smoother workday, perfect workflows, happy people. This is done by involving the end users in the design process. Together with all stakeholders, we create User Journeys, User Stories, (Paper) Prototypes, and validate each step along the way. This results in the best experience for all parties involved. Both during the process and within the final product.

UI Design

— Design

The user interface is what users will see and interact with every day. It should, therefore, be as pleasant, intuitive, and beautiful as possible. To ensure this, we develop pixel-perfect UI guidelines, patterns, and screens that function as the bridge between UX, corporate identity, and development.


— Development

We believe that meaningful innovation requires iterations. Designing and exploring new worlds is done step by step. Lightweight prototypes are the perfect tool to explore and validate the usability and impact with all stakeholders. Every prototype serves its own goal. We help identify the goals and develop the prototypes to meet those goals. Whether this is exploring options, validating designs, learning from users or even convincing internal or external stakeholders.

Digital Product

— Development

The web offers endless possibilities. We utilize these possibilities to develop high-quality digital products that perfectly fit your case. Web applications, apps, platforms, APIs — or a combination; regardless of the platform, we create the best online experience.


— Growth

Creating the best online experience does not stop at launching a digital product. On the contrary! Actual usage allows for interesting data and insights. Analytics reports, Mouse Tracking, A/B testing, and surveys or interviews are utilized to further optimize and fine-tune the online experience.


— Growth

We need to know we are making the right product to help you reach your goals. That’s why validation is an essential part of our process. We validate our concepts and prototypes with all relevant stakeholders. By a process of quick prototyping and iteration we can validate the design with customers, users and business. This helps us to iterate fast and setup a continual process of innovation and optimising the user experience of the digital product.